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Hey guys, so a bit of a different look to my video today! I’m in Cape Cod with the one and only Sue B Zimmerman, the Instagram expert. Sue: Hey guys! And yes, thanks so much for being here and for inviting us down to stay with you. I’m thrilled that you’re here and that you get to smell the hydrangeas. So beautiful. I wish that this was smell-o-vision but it’s not. And I feel like we’re in an Instagram picture right now. Your house is beautiful. It’s basically like an Instagram museum which is awesome, but since I have Sue here, I thought that I would ask about your top five tips for growing your Instagram following fast That’s the number one question I get asked all the time about Instagram is how do I grow my followers and my number one tip would be to make sure that you do post Instagram worthy photos! Make sure that they are high quality that you’re using some of our favorite third party apps.

I like camera plus, VSCO cam, Afterlight.

There are so many great free apps out there, some cost a little bit money of money but you get what you pay for and of course right in the Instagram app there are so many I think 22 great filters that you can play around with so first and foremost the quality of your photo has to be awesome second tip is to tell people on your other social platforms that you’re actually on Instagram and 4 of the places that I like to direct people to Instagram from is Facebook.

I tell people that I’m on Instagram and here’s a really great tip you can take a screenshot your desktop so that you really capture a lot a real estate on Facebook Make sure you put your hyperlink there and announce that you’re on Instagram so announce on Facebook.

I also like to use one of my favorite tools If This Then That. LOVE IT! People think I work for them, because I promote them so much. I don’t, but I love it. yes so on our account the Instagram expert whenever we post their it automatically goes to Twitter taking up more real estate because the image is also tweeted and not just the link. Right. So that’s the second place. The 3rd place, one of our personal favorites as of late is announcing it on periscope so tell people when you’re scoping come on over Instagram and leave a comment on Periscope that you’re here with me today so that we can continue connecting on Instagram And then the 3rd place, which is one of your personal favourites is Snapchat, right? Of course! Yes, Snapchat’s a really great platform.

I love the ephemeral nature of it and just shouting out and telling people, if they like your story and they like what you’re doing on Spapchat they’ll probably like what you’re doing on Instagram as well, so let them know that you’re on Instagram. The third tip is actually something I do frequently, and a lot of people don’t know how to do this the right way.

I think. It is when someone comments on your photo in a real authentic way and they liked the value that you’re giving in the post ask them nicely to tag their friends because you know that if they’re actively engaging that they’re someone that is really okay they’ve already kinda endorsed your post So asking them to tag not feeling like wait why you asking me do that you’re saying like tag so more eyeballs can get on my post.

So, there’s a way to do that in a friendly way and tip number 4 is engagement authentically engage. If someone has educated you entertained you made you laugh make you cry made you smile let them know in the comments on their post and tell them and tell them why. Because I think a lot of the times, people will just say nice photo or nice pic but that doesn’t really give anybody a reason to come back and check out your profile or engage with you back yes and I’m very suspicious that those nice pic, nice photos especially when it’s a video You know it’s those bots.

So you gotta make sure you leave a comment that is relevant to the actual post, right? Yes I love that tip.

and number 5 which I know we are at like doing the little up-and-down Instagram dance. When Instagram updated the app in June where you can now look at trending hashtag in the Explore feature on Instagram, there’s actually 16 trending hashtags So if you don’t know which hashtags to use, you on your posts, you can go in there and see what’s trending each and every day and use some of those hashtags on your post so that more eyeballs get on your content because they put you in the hashtag hub, which is a little term that I learned from you and I love that and also on hashtags, on that note A lot of people as me about putting hashtags in the caption we don’t want to do that.

So what’s your advice for… Yeah I totally agree with you when you put your hash tags in the initial description first of all it takes up too much real estate it looks a little desperate, a little spammy it’s not necessary you can use up to 30 hashtags per post, but we recommend putting them in the comments below.

Absolutely, and you have one final bonus tip. Oh yeah I do you have a bonus tip, you want to hear it? Let me tell you what it is. It’s my hashtag, #SueBTip and it is, you know, do not use third party apps, to gamify getting followers so many people have messaged me in Instagram, direct messaged me on instagram or messaged me on Facebook and they’ve actually lost their account gone they don’t know what they did and I asked them if they use a third-party app usually is what happened a lot of these apps do not comply with Instagram’s API you need to be very careful and I always say that you should never ever ever have to ask for follow you should earn a follow by giving value.

Yes and it is not the quantity of followers it is the quality.

Yes. So, numbers don’tt matter. It’s how many people are engaging and how many people clicking your link opting into your content and actually calling you and communicating with you, yes, and I think the gamifying thing is one thing and I think a lot of people also have thought about buying followers which is another thing. Absolutely not, don’t do it because it’s very obvious too, because you could have 30,000 followers and 10 likes on a photo Oh yeah, I know right away if someone bought followers, you don’t want to do that. Can I give your followers a little challenge? Absolutely. Okay so we’re gonna pose for you guys to take a screenshot Alright? So let’s do the hash tag pose! That should be enough time! Take a screen shot, share it, my favourite sandbox is Instagram but you can share it wherever you want.

and now we’re off to have a little summer fun, I love these signs perfect for this video and perfect, obviously like I said, it’s like an Instagram museum at Sue’s house! So make sure that you hit the Like button below if you like this video share this video with your friends so they can check all these great tips and subscribe because I post new video marketing and social media tutoriasl every single Tuesday Thank you so much for watching, thank you so much for being here! And we’ll see you guys next time. Bye you guys!.

Instagram Followers – How to get followers on Instagram 2016

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